Suzan Fant

My art is an exploration of possibilities. I re-interpret.   I appropriate.  I make large what is small, small what is large.

Incorporating multiple layers of possibilities; I translate using my own particular vocabulary of visual language. I often see my art as musical images, the lyrical abstraction of light and movement, color, and pattern.

During my explorations, a particular rightness presents itself to me. Some time ago, I happened upon a quote by one of my many favorite authors, Eudora Welty. Eudora’s words seemed written for as if spoken for me – to me:

“Moving things from anywhere to anywhere… and that’s what I really love doing – putting things in their best and proper place revealing things at the time that they matter most”. 

My art is about:

Connections   Affinities      Line(s)   and   Pattern(s)

Symbols       Text            Type            Typography    

Color         Variations      Similarities

In the making of my work, I explore connections and affinities using multiple layers in both literal and figurative senses. New meanings are created using those many layers. Additional connections are made by type as in belonging to a particular group or “family”.  

Painted/drawn/dyed/printed/sewn/ and “found” papers and fabrics are incorporated with all things “printed” whether by hand, machine, or by nature. Recycling and repurposing the varied “jewels” of everyday flotsam and jetsam are included in the mix of this vocabulary that has become my Collage Dictionary.